Who I Am

I love to code. Why? Because I think it is one of the most rewarding things in life to find a solution for a difficult problem. In programming you always run into problems, be them self-made or not. I love the process of preparing for difficult tasks and to analyze them.

As a web developer I keep on growing every day. I am learning a lot from working with colleagues that have vast more experience than me and, besides work, I like to solve coding challenges and to read books to further my knowledge and skills.

"I see myself as a lifelong learner and in coding there is always the opportunity to learn and advance one's knowledge."

My skills

Java / Kotlin 90%
JavaScript / TypeScript 90%
C# 85%
HTML5 / CSS3 85%
SQL 80%
PHP 80%
Python 75%
C 70%
Haskell 50%

What I have worked with

  • Backend Frameworks

    Spring, Java EE, Node.js, Express, ASP.NET MVC

  • Frontend Frameworks

    Angular2, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue.JS

  • Software

    Git, Docker, Linux, Jetbrains IDEs, Visual Studio

  • Other Experience

    Android, Unit Testing, Design Patterns

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I achieved two Techdegrees at Treehouse. I had to create twelve projects and pass a final exam on each one.

Java Web Development Techdegree

Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree

My Work

Here are some excerpts of my work. Click them for more information. Feel free to have a look at my Github page, too.

Java / JavaScript Projects
Recipe Site
Java - Spring, Hibernate
Todo List App
Java / JavaScript - Spring, Angular 2
Online Forum
Java - EE
Interactive Form
JavaScript - JQuery
Library Manager
JavaScript - Node.JS, express, SQLITE
Kinofy App
JavaScript - Angular.JS, Node.JS, Express, Mongo DB

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located near Bremen, Germany